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Are you looking to join one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable organizations on the slopes?  Then the Ski Patrol may be right for you.  To join the patrol you will start by taking the required Outdoor Emergency Care course. This course is offered each year and begins mid summer and continues into the fall.  The course will train you in first responder care and management of medical situations.   The course lasts approximately 16 weeks and is taught as a college-level course that would typically carry 4 credits.

Please read through the information below for the requirements of joining and fill out the application form at the bottom of this page.

Requirements for becoming a Little Switzerland / The Rock Ski Patroller:

  1. You must be join the National Ski Patrol and pay the annual membership dues (Currently approximately $80).  We will assist you with how to do this.

  2. You must be at least 16 years old.

  3. Complete and pass the National Ski Patrol’s Outdoor Emergency Care Course (OEC). This course is offered through our patrol.  A typical OEC class begins mid-summer and ends right before the season opens (approximately 16 weeks).


    The class is taught by certified volunteer instructors.  There is a charge for the required textbooks (Approximately $80), Medical Equipment and Supplies (Approximately $40), and National Course fees (Currently $60).

  4. Complete a Professional Healthcare Provider CPR course.  This course is provided through the patrol.  This is a 6 to 8 hour class that will be taught during the OEC class schedule.  There is a nominal class fee, usually less than $20.  This fee is for a textbook, CPR training equipment, and American Heart Association registration fees.

  5. Attend the Little Switzerland / The Rock Annual Patroller Training Refresher and Meeting weekend. This is held on a weekend in the fall, typically in September or October.  During this weekend, you will meet and train with most of the patrol members.

  6. For your safety, we recommend that all patrollers be vaccinated against Hepatitis-B.  Many people are already vaccinated, however if you are not, you can obtain this through your doctor or your local health care provider.

  7. Purchase an approved patrol coat/vest and butt pack.  We will assist you with how to do this, and cost varies based on options selected (Approximately $150 – $300+ depending on personal preference).

  8. Attend on-hill training classes that develop skiing/riding skills as well as toboggan handling skills for patient transport.  These dates will take place during the ski season and will be announced during the course.

  9. During that first season as a candidate you will be required to patrol for a minimum of one 4 hour shift per week, plus your toboggan training night if you are taking that as well.


Requirements for current Little Switzerland / The Rock Ski Patrollers:

  1. Must sign-up and maintain a weekly duty shift.
  2. Must patrol for a minimum total of 80 hours per ski season (Approximately 13 shifts)
  3. Must patrol at a minimum of 2 summer events which currently include: Summer Bike Parks, Alpine Adventure Challenge, other activities requested by Area Management and Patrol Leadership.
  4. Attend a yearly CPR Refresher.
  5. Attend a yearly OEC Refresher.


So, after all of that are you still here?  Great! If you are interested in joining the patrol or would like more information please fill out and submit the form below and a member will be in touch with you with further information and an opportunity to ride along and see the Patrol in action.  This form is not an official registration for the training course, simply a request for contact from the patrol.


If you are interested in staying in the loop on becoming a Ski Patroller, please join our Contact list here:

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If you are familiar with the requirements of joining and the training involved and you want to move forward with becoming a patroller, please fill out the Recruitment Form:



Per the GDRP guidelines and possible forth-coming guidelines in the United States, all form data is kept private and any data collected may be requested by the submitter at any time and can be requested to be deleted at any time by the submitter via written request to: [email protected]