This page contains several details about becoming a ski patroller.


PLEASE NOTE: While we accept applications at any time throughout the year, applications are only actively processed between February 1st and May 31st for the summer training program which prepares patrollers to begin patrolling the following season.

Step 1
Understanding the recurring annual requirements

The annual recurring requirements for ALL Patrollers to stay current and receive the benefits of a Little Switzerland / Rock Snowpark are:

    • Commit to one 6 hour patrolling shift per week during the ski season.
    • Pay NSP National, Division, Region, and local patrol dues. (Approximately $100 Annually)
    • Attend an OEC refresher and an approved CPR refresher annually. (Both classes are taught by volunteers within the patrol at minimal to no cost).
    • Own and wear an approved patrol coat/vest and gear pack. (Approximately $150 to $400+ depending on your preference. Well maintained and replaced when worn out.)
    • Complete a total of 80 hours of patrol time per season at Little Switzerland or 50 hours of patrol time per season at The Rock Snowpark. (Due to environmental differences The Rock operates fewer days per season than Switz does).

Step 2
Understanding the Benefits

The benefits of a Little Switzerland / Rock Snowpark Ski Patroller are:

    • Complimentary Season Pass (Choose 1 of these options):
      • Family Pass – Valid for Patroller’s Spouse and Patroller’s Dependents under the age of 18 that live in Patroller’s household. Family Pass does not extend to parents or siblings for Young Adult Patrollers.
      • Single Pass With Guest Privileges – A Season Pass for the Patroller as well as 10 guest tickets per season that can be issued to a Guest of the Patroller to ski/ride with the Patroller on or off shift.
    • Access to Private Patrol Break Room in Chalet and Warming Room on the Hill at Switz. Access To Private Patrol Room at The Rock.
    • Discounts at Pro Shop and Cafeteria at Both Areas.
    • Free Beverage of Choice After Shift at Bar.
    • Several Industry Partner Pro-Deals and Partnership Deals with NSP Members. (See NSP Pro Deals Page for More Details)

Step 3
Understanding the New Patroller Requirements

New Patrollers have the following requirements to Join the Patrol:

    • You must be at least 18 years old.
    • Join the National Ski Patrol and pay the annual membership dues
      • (Currently approximately $80). We will assist you with how to do this.
    • Complete the National Ski Patrol’s Outdoor Emergency Care Course (OEC).
      • Our OEC class begins in July and ends right before the season opens. Course length is approximately 16 weeks.
      • The class is taught by certified volunteer instructors. There is a charge for the required textbooks (Approximately $80), Medical Equipment and Supplies (Approximately $25), and National Course fees (Approximately $60).
      • Couse consists of self-paced reading and textbook study as well as guided hands-on skills sessions. The course concludes with a Written and Practical Skills Evaluations.
      • Current EMT’s and Paramedics can qualify for an exemption from the OEC Written Test. We will discuss in more detail when the course starts, but are still required to complete the OEC course and practical exam.
    • Complete a Professional Healthcare Provider BLS CPR course.
      • This course is provided through the patrol. This is a 6 to 8 hour class that will be taught during the OEC class schedule. There is a nominal class fee, usually less than $20. This fee is for a textbook, CPR training equipment, and American Heart Association course fees.
    • Complete on-hill training classes that develop ski/ride skills and toboggan handling skills for patient transport.
      • These classes will take place during the ski season and will be announced during the course.

Step 4
Great! What’s Next?

If you are comfortable at this point with the training requirements as well as the ongoing membership requirements, you may be a great fit for the Ski Patrol.

To get started in the process please fill out and submit the application below.

We start processing Applications on or around February 1st every year. Once we process your application and conduct your background check, you will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed with getting started with the self-paced reading and quiz material, registering to become a member of the NSP, and registering for the OEC course.

Thank you for your interest in The Little Switzerland and The Rock Snowpark Ski Patrol.

Step 5